Boho Chic Creative Optimist and Founder of Moira Anne


A Good for the Soul Lifestyle Destination offering Personalized Products & Services that Evoke Confidence & Beauty


Moira Anne Rubino has been pursuing a lifestyle of well being for over 20 years. After losing her mother to a rare type of bone cancer and experiencing melanoma herself, Moira has learned that inner beauty and quality of life are precious gifts.


A student of design and marketing, along with a career in human resources and personnel development, art and humanity have always been at the core of Moira's professional pursuits. So in challenging herself to find a business that married her passions and expertise, Moira founded two businesses – SPF Tanning and Moira Anne Artisan – both with the mission to offer safe and natural ways to enhance a person's life while giving back to organizations with the same intent.


After six months of operating these businesses separately, Moira re-branded the company Moira Anne, with the intention to create a "good for the soul" lifestyle destination that offers a combination of personal services, affordable luxuries and a close-knit community of special events that help people boost their confidence and appearance from the inside, out.


Moira Anne continues to evolve organically through each encounter Moira has with a new client or spontaneous contact. By listening to others, Moira has unearthed other hidden treasures representative of her mission and she is now offering various clothing and accessories that evoke a bohemian-chic lifestyle and mindset. Moira shares her empowering aesthetic services and designs through in-person trunk shows, local charity events and of course through personal recommendations!


Personal services offered by Moira Anne include SPF (Safe Personalized Faux) Tanning, glitter tattoos and natural eye lash extensions. SPF Tanning offers an extensive range of custom, organic tanning services using sunless tanning formulas that are paraben free, gluten free and 100% vegan. With the mantra, "Protecting Your Skin One Spray at a Time," Moira advocates a spray don't lay tanning lifestyle that achieves a healthy glow. SPF Tanning offers mobile services and private parties for the ultimate convenience and privacy, and tailors each spray tan to the individual's natural colorings. Moira's carefully crafted faux tans are further enhanced by a collection of tan extending body lotions that feature an exclusive blend of natural ingredients, sexy glitter tattoos and all-natural eyelash extensions.


To compliment her natural sunless-tan kissed skin palettes, Moira has leveraged her design expertise to create Moira Anne Artisan, a handcrafted collection of bohemian-chic jewelry designs with special stones and symbols that represent protection, abundance, peace and enlightenment. These one-of-a-kind works of art evoke energy, healing and empowerment as originally studied by ancient shamans and healers. Moira Anne originals are affordable luxuries for men, women and children. She also hand beads a platinum runway collection of specialty pieces incorporating semi-precious stones and small treasures of art.












"I think people suffer from an overall confidence deficit and are blind to their individual beauty," shared Moira Anne. "My happiest moment is the expression of pure confidence my clients exude after pampering themselves with a healthy spray tan or rewarding themselves with a little treasure that symbolizes an aspiration they hope to achieve."